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    Our shiny Heartbeat Snowflake Ornament makes a wonderful keepsake and eye-catching addition to any tree. Engravable in mirror-finish stainless steel. Custom heartbeat ornament designed with your loved one’s actual heartbeat or voice soundwave.
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    Our Heartbeat Snowman Ornament will warm your heart and add shimmer to any tree. The ornament is designed with your loved one’s actual heartbeat or voice soundwave and text. Available in mirror-finish stainless steel.
  • Get anyone's heartbeat quick and easily with our Handheld Fetal Doppler. Send us the sound file that you record, and we'll create your very own piece of custom jewelry from the actual heartbeat. FREE with a Heartbeat Keepsake Jewelry purchase over $125!
  • After many years, our Original Heartbeat Necklace remains a top-seller. And for good reason, this heart-warming piece comes in a variety of materials and chain lengths that are sure to please. The first and original heartbeat jewelry made from actual heartbeats - Accept no substitutes!
  • Our Original Heartbeat Bracelet comes in a variety of captivating materials and assorted wrist sizes. It is a sweet variation of our classic Original Heartbeat Necklace and the two can be worn as together as companion pieces.
  • Our Original Double Heartbeat Necklace is an excellent choice when one Heartbeat isn't enough. Available in a variety of materials that can be combined to create your own distinct look!
  • Our Original Cherished Heart Necklace is one of our most popular items and is an elegant complement to any outfit. It comes in a variety materials and heart placement positions so you can create your own custom design!    
  • Our Original Voice Soundwave Necklace is a unique and eye-catching way to show your baby's first words or laugh. It comes in Sterling Silver Custom and is designed with your loved one’s actual voice soundwave.
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    Custom necklace and bracelet pairing designed with your loved one’s actual voice soundwave. Capture your baby's earliest words in sterling silver and relive the magic of the first time you heard them say "Mommy!" or "I love you!"
  • Capture the first time your child says, "Mommy!" with our Original Voice Soundwave Bracelet available in shimmering Sterling Silver and designed with your loved one’s actual voice soundwave.
  • If you have multiple children, then this lovely pendant is the ideal choice. Multiple sides provide extra space for custom engraving text or heartbeat soundwaves. These pendants look superb when combined with additional pendants on the same chain.
  • Our Heartbeat Bar Necklace can be worn as a single heartbeat bar or combined with a second bar for an elegant double-tiered effect. Custom designed necklace with your loved one’s actual heartbeat or voice soundwave
  • Our Heartbeat Bar Bracelet is a great way to include multiple children or loved ones. Cuff design provides space for additional lines of text or heartbeats. Super cute and available in a variety of materials and wrist sizes.
  • Our Heartbeat Comfort Fit Band Ring comes in sterling silver or stainless steel in sizes 4 through 13. Comfort Fit bands are recommended for men. They have extra metal on their interior making them easier to get on and off over large knuckles and are a pleasure to wear.  
  • Let your love for your Rainbow Baby brilliantly shine with this colorful and meaningful ring in stainless steel. Engravable with text and actual heartbeat soundwaves.
  • Our dazzling gemstone ring with cubic zirconia stone in sterling silver makes a wonderful keepsake for any occasion. Designed with your loved one’s actual heartbeat or voice soundwave.
  • Our stainless steel ring for men makes the ideal gift for daddy. Engraved with text or your baby's actual heartbeat. The Men’s Style Heartbeat Band is available in whole sizes 5 – 14. The band width measures 7mm
  • Our Heartbeat Charm and Bracelet make for a sweet combination for those who have many loves. The bracelet comes in variety of sizes for the perfect fit while the charms can be added as your circle of affection grows.
  • Our adorable Heartbeat Charm Necklace is made from durable mirror-finished stainless steel and is available in three charm style options - Oval, Tilted Heart, and Traditional Heart. Charms can be added as your family grows!  
  • Our rugged Heartbeat Dog Tag is made from high-quality stainless steel and can be ordered as a necklace or keyring or together as a set. A handsome gift that any husband, grandfather or military veteran would cherish for many years. Customized with your loved one’s actual heartbeat or voice soundwave.
  • Mini is cute. Mini is fun. Our Mini Heartbeat Dog Tag shows your love in a big way on mirrored stainless steel. Can be purchased as a necklace or keyring. Designed with your loved one’s actual heartbeat or voice soundwave.
  • Our stylish Heartbeat Money Clip is a unique way to keep your loved one in your thoughts while safeguarding your finances. Made from durable mirror-finished stainless steel.
  • Give a special gift with our personalized Heartbeat Charm Special and keyring. Perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Sweetest Day or any romantic celebration.  Includes elegant presentation box. Limited time item!
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