Original Double Heartbeat Necklace


Our Original Double Heartbeat Necklace is an excellent choice when one Heartbeat isn’t enough. Available in a variety of materials that can be combined to create your own distinct look!

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The Original Double Heartbeat Necklace is perfect for keeping the two most important people with you always! Two children, two parents, or yours and a spouse work perfectly for the Double Original Heartbeat Necklace.

We can use your ultrasound heartbeat image, EKG readout, NST readout, audio recording, or video recording of your heartbeat. If you have it, we can almost always make it work!

This necklace consists of two chains and heartbeats on a single clasp. Available sizes are 16″/18″ (406mm/457mm) and 18″/20″ (457mm/508mm) . Size is entire length of the chain including the heartbeat. Heartbeat is approximately 1.5″ (38mm) in length with the height varying depending on the heartbeat. Ships in 2 to 4 weeks.

Available in Gold-Filled, Rose Gold-Filled, or Sterling Silver. Or a combination of any two!

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