Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer white labeling or rebranding with my logo?2021-04-14T10:54:05-04:00

Yes, if you are a HBK Partner, we can customize our standard packaging with your company’s name and logo to help you to promote your brand. Cost for this is a one-time $49 set-up fee and $0.99 per label.

Do you ship internationally?2021-10-29T16:47:51-04:00

We currently ship to the US, Canada, and Australia. Shipping outside of the continental United States could extend our delivery time beyond our standard 2 to 4 weeks. The customer is responsible for any shipping costs, duties, taxes or handling fees upon delivery in accordance with their national and local laws. 

Our keepsakes are covered by a six-month repair warranty with the buyer assuming responsibility for any shipping costs associated with returning the item to us for repair. We will cover the shipping costs back to you.

Do you work with non-profit organizations?2021-04-14T10:51:49-04:00

Heartbeat Keepsakes appreciates the contributions that non-profit organizations make to our communities and are happy to assist in any way that we can. Our Affiliate Program is one option for organizations looking to raise funds while offering a unique keepsake to your supporters. If you have an idea in mind or would like to discuss other options, please contact us directly at office@hearbeatkeepsakes.com

Does HBK work with other types of sounds?2021-04-14T10:56:09-04:00

An endless variety of sounds!

If you can imagine it, and if it produces a sound that can be recorded, we can make it happen. From a wedding vow “I do” to the roar of your favorite motorcycle or performance car’s engine and everything in between, our studio loves exploring new possibilities with our clients. If you have a unique idea in mind or questions about the best way to record a specific sound, please reach out to us.

What about a favorite song?

Since there are often multiple versions of any song, often by the same artist, we recommend that you send us the preferred version of the song with the specific portion of the song that you’d like our artists to work with. We recommend that the audio portion be no longer than 10 seconds. 

Gift Cards2021-10-29T16:43:52-04:00

Looking for the perfect gift? A gift card for our unique custom jewelry makes an unforgettable present for any occasion – weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, baptisms, brises/britot, gender reveals, and baby showers. Email us at office@heartbeatkeepsakes.com for assistance purchasing a gift certificate.

How do I care for my heartbeat jewelry?2023-12-28T11:55:35-05:00


Gold filled jewelry is made to last much longer than gold plated jewelry. That is because it has a thicker, mechanically bonded layer of 14k gold over the base metal layer. We always use double clad gold filled, so both front and back have this layer. The most important thing to keep in mind in the care of gold filled jewelry is to keep that layer in good condition. Protect it from scratches and clean it with a soft cotton cloth and mild soap and water. Do not clean it with anything abrasive, as it will wear that gold layer down and damage it.

It’s best to avoid any strenuous work while wearing this jewelry. Do not wear it in the shower, while swimming, or while working out.


All of our silver pieces come in a box with a small anti-tarnish strip. This strip will absorb tarnishing agents in the environment, and help protect against tarnishing if stored with the jewelry consistently. These strips should be replaced every 6 months, but may last longer if kept in a zip-lock bag with your jewelry. Avoid wearing your sterling silver jewelry in tarnish causing conditions such as swimming, cleaning, or during strenuous exercise as exposure to excessive sweating can also speed the tarnishing process.

If your piece does become tarnished, a little bit of cleaning can make it look new again! You can use silver polishing cloths to polish the tarnish off of your jewelry. You can also use microfiber or flannel cloth, but do not use paper towels or tissues as this can scratch the surface of our jewelry. If polishing alone does not work, try washing your item in mild ammonia-free and phosphate-free dish soap and water. If the tarnishing is severe, you may want to consider having it professionally cleaned.

How do I get the heartbeat?2021-04-14T10:58:45-04:00

You can get the heartbeat in a number of ways. If you are pregnant, your doctor will often let you listen to your baby’s heartbeat at your appointments. You can either record the audio with your phone using a voice recorder app or just recording a video using your phone’s camera. This can be done when your doctor uses a doppler or during one of your ultrasounds. You can also ask to take a picture of the ultrasound screen when the waveform of the heartbeat is shown, but this is only an option during ultrasounds (not with dopplers as they do not show a waveform). Heartbeats can also be captured by our partnering 3D/4D ultrasound studios listed here.

If you are trying to get a heartbeat of someone already born, the best way is to use a handheld doppler placed on the chest and pointed to the heart by recording the sound with your phone. We can also use EKG print outs and hospital monitor pictures as well.

How do I submit my heartbeat or picture for my customized Heartbeat Keepsake?2021-04-14T11:11:46-04:00

Submitting your heartbeat image, audio file, or video is easy! Choose the keepsake you would like and go to the product page, click the “Select Files” button, and choose the correct file from your device to upload directly to your order. You can upload a digital image of your heartbeat if you have it. If not, you can take a picture of your print or the ultrasound or hospital monitor. We can use heartbeats from ultrasounds, EKGs, and NSTs. You can also upload an audio recording of the heartbeat by recording the sound on your phone when your doctor listens with a doppler, by using a personal handheld doppler, or by recording the heartbeat sounds in the hospital. No matter what version you have of your loved one’s heartbeat, we can make it work with our keepsakes!

International Ring Sizing Chart2021-07-12T15:56:28-04:00

Is it possible to turn my pet’s heartbeat into a keepsake?2021-04-14T10:55:49-04:00

Of course! We can take the heartbeat, meow or bark of your cat or dog and transform it into a piece of wearable art. Vocalizations can be easily recorded on a mobile phone while your pet’s heartbeat can be obtained with a hand-held doppler used for babies or with the assistance of your veterinary clinic.

Is this the person’s actual heartbeat?2021-04-14T10:58:16-04:00

Yes! Each piece is customized for that’s person’s actual heartbeat regardless of what style you select. As you can see in the image below, no two pieces are exactly the same just as no two heartbeats are exactly the same.


Loss of a child or miscarriage2021-04-14T11:02:46-04:00

There are few situations more sorrowful for a mother and her family than the loss of child or a miscarriage. Our Heartbeat Keepsakes jewelry is one way that you can keep a lost child’s memory close to your heart for many years to come. If you still have a previously recorded heartbeat file or voice recording, we can create a lasting tribute to their memory.

Necklace Sizing Guide2021-07-12T15:31:56-04:00


Product Warranty and Return Policy2023-12-28T11:48:19-05:00

Product Repair Warranty 

Our keepsakes are covered by a six-month repair warranty with the buyer assuming responsibility for any shipping costs associated with returning the item to us for repair.

The keepsake will need to be shipped to us for the repair and we will cover the shipping costs back to you. Damage determined to be through abnormal wear may incur a fee. Work performed by anyone other than our team will void the warranty, so please contact us first if for any issues.

Return Policy

Since all of our heartbeat keepsakes are custom made, we are not able to offer refunds of any kind. However, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If we make a mistake in the production of your keepsake or if it arrives to you damaged, we will be happy to replace it at no cost

For warranty issues and returns, please email us at office@heartbeatkeepsakes.com with your original order number, name and information about the needed repair. You will then receive a link via email with additional information for completing your repair or item return.

We are happy to complete repair work for a small fee outside of the warranty window. The cost is based on the repair needed, so please contact us for information. We want you to be able to wear your keepsake, so we try to be as reasonable as we can!

Order Changes

Changes to any order already placed may incur a fee depending on how far it is in the production process.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times2023-12-28T11:52:47-05:00

Shipping Costs

We offer free shipping anywhere within the United States via USPS First Class Mail. Priority Mail service provides quicker delivery and is available for a fee based on current USPS postage rates.

Delivery Times

You will receive your heartbeat keepsake within 4 weeks from the day you order.

Where is your jewelry made?  2021-04-14T10:56:52-04:00

Every piece of jewelry is lovingly made, by hand, at our small shop located in Youngstown, Ohio. We strive to use American-made materials and support our workers whenever possible, and when we cannot, we work only with well-respected suppliers that support fair trade practices.

Will my keepsake items last?2021-04-14T11:00:06-04:00

Yes! We use materials that will last with basic care and upkeep. Depending on the item, we use 14k gold-filled, 14k rose gold-filled, sterling silver, and stainless steel. All materials are made to last and stand up to normal wear well.

Unlike gold plated jewelry, gold filled has a higher content of 14k gold and is mechanically bonded to the base metal. This makes our jewelry resistant to tarnishing and flaking if recommended care is used.

Stainless steel jewelry is very strong and durable. It offers a beautiful silver look, and does not tarnish or rust. It’s also hypoallergenic.

Sterling silver will last a lifetime with basic care. Although all sterling silver is prone to tarnishing, simple cleaning can keep it looking great.

You will receive care cards with each keepsake to help you keep it looking its best.

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