Handheld Heartbeat Doppler


Get your furbaby’s heartbeat with our Handheld Fetal Doppler. Send us the sound file that you record, and we’ll create your very own piece of custom jewelry from the actual heartbeat.

FREE with a Heartbeat Keepsake Jewelry purchase over $150!

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Get your furbaby’s heartbeat with a low power Handheld Fetal Doppler. It’s quick and easy!

Our Heartbeat Doppler comes with detailed instructions so you can your furbaby’s. Just record the heartbeat with your phone, and we can use the audio recording for any of our Heartbeat Keepsakes.

You can even get your doppler completely FREE with a Heartbeat Jewelry purchase of $150 or more.

  1. Simply put $150 of Heartbeat Jewelry in your cart as well as this doppler.
  2. Use coupon code FREEDOPPLER, and the full price of the doppler will be discounted from your cart.
  3. Finalize your order and pay.
  4. We will send your unit in the mail.
  5. You can use the unit to get any heartbeat you would like for your keepsake, and then email us the heartbeat recording along with your order information.
  6. We will use your recording to make your keepsake and ship it to you. You can even keep the doppler for personal use or gift it to a friend!

You know your furbabies better than we do! This requires your furbaby to sit still or lay calmly for about 20 seconds to obtain the heartbeat. The doppler does make noises which some pets may not appreciate. If you worry your furbaby is too squirmy or nervous to sit for a heartbeat recording, we strongly recommend you simply use a soundwave of their bark, meow, neigh, or purr. If you get the doppler for a Heartbeat Keepsake and can’t capture the heartbeat for any reason, we cannot offer a refund of any kind as we are not able to reuse the doppler. However, you can change your order to use a sound recording instead of a heartbeat!

Free doppler not available with sale items, partner items, or with any other discount.

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