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The Original Heartbeat Jewelry Company – Our Story

Heartbeat Keepsakes was born out of the love of our family. The sound of a heartbeat is one of the most beautiful sounds my husband and I have ever heard, and we wanted to share that moment and memory with all the other parents who cherished it as much as we did! Soon, we realized just how precious a heartbeat is to daughters, sons, siblings, and loved ones as well as to expecting parents. This is why our Heartbeat Keepsakes team works hard to make all kinds of heartbeats work with our keepsake jewelry: ultrasound image heartbeats, hospital monitor heartbeats, EKG heartbeats, NST heartbeats, and even audio recording heartbeats. If you have a heartbeat, we will make it work!

And if you don’t have a heartbeat, we can use your favorite audio recording of your loved one too. Do you have your baby’s first words, a voice message from your favorite grandma, or a child’s belly laugh? Our team will convert the audio into a unique, custom waveform for any of our keepsakes.

Furbeat brand pet jewelry shows model wearing a necklace with her pet's heartbeat while holding her boston terrier puppy.

Furbeat Keepsakes Jewelry

Wear your furbaby’s actual heartbeat anywhere you go with our Furbeat Keepsakes Jewelry line. Don’t have your furbaby’s heartbeat? You can get a custom soundwave keepsake of your furbaby’s favorite noise like a bark, a meow, a neigh, or a purr.

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