FurBeat Keepsakes Jewelry

Furbeat Necklace with model and boston terrier puppy

Wear your pet’s actual heartbeat anywhere you go with our FurBeat Keepsakes line of pet jewelry. Don’t have their heartbeat? We offer safe and simple to use handheld dopplers that will allow you to capture your favorite companion’s heartbeat. You can get a FREE handheld doppler with a jewelry purchase of $125 or more. Or you can get a custom soundwave keepsake of your favorite furbaby noise like a bark, a meow, a neigh, or a purr. Just record your pet’s noises on your phone with a voice recorder app or a video recorder app and upload that recording with your order…it’s that easy!

Free shipping offered on all US orders.

 All of our jewelry is made with great care and love at our small studio in Northeast Ohio.