• Our Heartbeat Bar Bracelet is a great way to include multiple children or loved ones. Cuff design provides space for additional lines of text or heartbeats. Super cute and available in a variety of materials and wrist sizes.
  • Our Original Heartbeat Bracelet comes in a variety of captivating materials and assorted wrist sizes. It is a sweet variation of our classic Original Heartbeat Necklace and the two can be worn as together as companion pieces.
  • Our Heartbeat Charm and Bracelet make for a sweet combination for those who have many loves. The bracelet comes in variety of sizes for the perfect fit while the charms can be added as your circle of affection grows.
  • Get anyone's heartbeat quick and easily with our Handheld Fetal Doppler. Send us the sound file that you record, and we'll create your very own piece of custom jewelry from the actual heartbeat. Our HBK Gift Cards pair nicely with the Doppler unit! FREE with a Heartbeat Keepsake Jewelry purchase over $100!
  • Custom necklace and bracelet pairing designed with your loved one’s actual voice soundwave. Capture your baby's earliest words in sterling silver and relive the magic of the first time you heard them say "Mommy!" or "I love you!"
  • Capture the first time your child says, "Mommy!" with our Original Voice Soundwave Bracelet available in shimmering Sterling Silver and designed with your loved one’s actual voice soundwave.
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