Partnering with

Heartbeat Keepsakes

Become a Partner – Join Our Heartbeat Keepsakes Partner Program and Offer Our Unique Keepsakes to Your Clients!

Our Partner Program is simple to manage, and with a little effort, will positively impact the bottom line of your business and bring joy to your customers. If you’re promoting gender testing or plush animals, then you already have some experience at selling value-added products to be an outstanding partner.

 Here is an overview of what makes the Heartbeat Keepsakes Partner Program an excellent addition to your business:

  • You’re paid up front when you make a sale. You may use our recommended retail pricing or set your own pricing. Once you sell a keepsake to your customer, you’re paid. Then you place the order through our website’s Partner Shop using your special wholesaler’s discount. This way your revenue comes first, and you keep the difference as profit. We bill your account minus your wholesaler’s discount after we receive your order.

  • Highly profitable. Our partners receive significant discounts below our retail pricing.

  • No inventory to buy or stock except for the one-time purchase of our Starter Display Set (See image below) includes 4 pieces of our actual jewelry with display stands for $99.00).

  • We dropship directly to the end customer or to your studio for free.

  • We offer white label packaging in which we apply your brand and logo to quality presentation boxes prior to shipping. It is a great way to promote your studio and gain referrals.

  • Your business benefits from placement on our website. Everyday, our website receives considerable traffic. We give your business a marketing edge that directs prospective customers to you.

  • We provide marketing materials, advertising images and templates that help you sell.

  • We work with you to create something special. The studio places their order through our website, including the sound file, and our workshop begins producing the item.

  • Please note these are custom products. Our items are based on actual heartbeats we receive as sound files and are made one at a time with great care. This process takes about 2-4 weeks from the time we receive the order and it arrives at the customer’s door.

The only financial investment we ask is that each new partner to make is a one-time purchase of the Starter Display Set at $99.00 (shown below – click to enlarge) for each participating location.  It’s a small snapshot of our available styles and materials that gives the customer a chance to see and feel the quality of our work.  It is the display that creates awareness…that opens a conversation…that leads to a sale!

If you would like to get started and become a partner, please complete the form below. We will use this information to create your Partner Account. With this, you will have access to the Partner Shop to view our options and pricing and also access to our Partner Resources page where we provide professional marketing tools at no cost. Once you register as a partner, you will receive a series of emails to assist you with onboarding.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact us any time. Our goal is to get your location onboarded and provide you with the tools and products that will guarantee your success.

Thank you for considering Heartbeat Keepsakes,