Valentine Voice Soundwave Charm


Custom soundwave keyring designed with your actual voice sound file.


Send a special Valentine message with our personalized Voice Soundwave Charm.

Use a recording of your voice to send a special short message. We will use audio editing software to create a customized soundwave file image for your keyring. You can even engrave the words of your message on the back! Or, use a recording of your loved one’s voice for cherished keepsake to have with you. A mother’s “I love you.”, a baby’s laugh, or a child’s “Mama” make a truly unique gift to treasure for years.

A small message card is sent with your keepsake with the personalized message of your audio file and the personalized soundwave image created for your keyring. This item is not an actual recorder/playback device. Valentine’s Day Deadline is February 1st.

Heart measures 1.25″ x 1″. Available in mirror finish Stainless Steel and your choice of keyring or 16″, 18″, or 20″ stainless steel snake chain.

US Valentine's Day Delivery Deadline is 2/1! Free shipping anywhere in the US!